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Space where you can offer strong practical skills for your students and prepare them to get first job in cybersecurity.

Benefits for University

Attract more students

Increase the number of students thanks to new hands-on education courses.

Save money on IT infrastructure

Save money on configuration and management of your IT infrastructure by moving laboratories to the cloud.

Automate process of teaching

Forget about problems with IT teachers for your classes thanks to ready-made self-study, easy-to-use practical IT courses.

Satisfy more students

Increase the number of satisfied students thanks to practical exercises available from any place.

Benefits for Students

Helping system

Reduce the entry barriers for Cybersecurity competences thanks to interactive help system with video intro.

Practical competences

Get practical competences in Cybersecurity and get your first job thanks to hands-on exercises.

Faster certification process

Decrease the time for getting Cybersecurity certification thanks to better knowledge acquisition (hands-on exercise - good illustration of cybersecurity problems).

Practical job experience

Get your first Cybersecurity job experience thanks to the hands-on exercises prepared by Cybersecurity companies.

Be first to know about courses available.

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The key value of cyberskiller for customer in numbers

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Having a curriculum for your course? Give it to us and we will prepare the lectures and exercises just for you.

No idea for classes? Use ready-made sets of lectures and exercises, and then arrange your study program.

CyberSkiller is SaaS solution that are used directly through the browser. Thanks to this, it does not require complicated implementation.

The teacher enrolls students to the course and the preview of their progress.

The student by use of CyberSkiller has access to educational materials and remote practical cybersecurity laboratories.